Discover Untouched Madagascar

Quite A Dreamland On Earth

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Floating off the shores of Mozambique in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, Madagascar is a destination that’s sure to amaze you.

Visit one of rarest places on earth where nature remains safe from the human’s touch.

With so many beautiful opportunities to take on a new adventure daily, your Madagascar vacation will give you the most brilliant memories of your life!

Come to be amazed in every corner of this country forgotten by time!

Isalo National Park

Trek and swim in one of the natural pools of Isalo National Park, a reserve known for its diverse terrain and wildlife. Our guide will lead you through sandstone columns, deep ravines, scenic waterfalls, Bismarckia-lined oases, and grasslands.

Andasibe-Mantadia National Park

Lounge with the lemurs at Andasibe-Mantadia National Park (Reserve of Perinet). The dense, humid forest covered by moss and draped with lianas provides a perfect habitat for these friendly primates, who allow you to get up close.

Ranomafana National Park

Tour a natural wonder and see abundant wildlife at Ranomafana National Park, a tropical rainforest reserve home to some rare endemic species, including eastern woolly lemur, greater dwarf lemur, and the rare aye-aye.

Baobab Avenue

Located in the Menabe region of western Madagascar, take a walking tour around sunrise or sunset to fully appreciate the red tones of the tree trunks – they are sure to have your camera snapping.

Tsiribihina River Mangroves

River tours have been taking place since colonial times. You can spend days floating down the tranquil, impossibly beautiful Tsiribihina River towards the east coast, ending up near the Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park.

Lake Itasy

More other-worldly scenery awaits you on a hiking tour in the lush, volcanic region of Ampefy. Don’t miss the thunderous torrents of Chute de la Lily’s waterfalls cutting into the rolling hills.

Best Beginner Diving Offers

The Tétons

Perfect for beginners of open water diving these two large rocks mark the location of a stunning reef. Comprised of beautiful soft and hard corals, the reef features a variety of caves and swim-through tunnels to explore.


This 2km stretch of magnificent coral reef is a breath-taking treat for the beginner diver. See the vibrantly coloured corals and sea life. Highlights include sweet-lips, red and yellow snapper and fusiliers among many others.

Akio Reef

This is a fantastic wall-dive for beginners because at 12 meters it is not very deep. The wall provides the perfect environment to see a wide variety of big pelagic fish such as king fish, king mackerel, large groupers and even white tip reef sharks.

Nikolas Garret,
a professional tour agent in Spaen Travel Company.